Warning: There are no safe fireworks for home use

Have you ever heard someone refer to those home-use fireworks as “safe and sane” and “legal’ as a way to defend and justify their use? Here’s the truth.

Are they legal?

There is a class of fireworks marketed to consumers for home use that are legal under United States Federal regulations (with additional local regulations and in some places, they are banned). What is most worrying for me is that they are often marketed to make people believe they are safe to be used at home. However, the truth is these home fireworks products are all very dangerous.

Are they safe?

These can be very dangerous, and some of the danger stems from the wrong assumption that some parents make that these are safe. A big chunk of firework injuries are caused by firecrackers and rockets, and an honorable mention goes to sparklers.

No, sparklers are not safe either

Many people assume sparklers to be basically harmless and even allow their children to play with them. Fact is, that these are responsible for about 10% of fireworks injury. Many of those injuries are minor, however, did you know? … that the temperature of a sparkler tip can be up to 1,000 degrees! These can cause burns because they can ignite a person’s clothes on fire. Sadly, more than half of firecracker injuries happened in kids under 5 years old.

When talking about homemade or illegal fireworks… those are responsible for most of the injuries that require hospitalization.

All consumer fireworks are associated with eye injuries, including permanent blindness. Every single kind of consumer firework has caused serious injury or death.

Adult supervision

What if they are used responsibly and under supervision? Sadly the statistic about injury and death caused by consumer fireworks show that most of these injuries were not caused by faulty fireworks, in fact, this was a tiny percentage of the accident cases. The accident occurred with adult supervision during more than half of the cases, and in the instances when a child was hurt, 1 out of 4 times the kid hurt was a bystander.

I hope this serves to inform about the risks of consumer fireworks for home use that many families innocently believe are safe, as sometimes they are marketed as such. The fact that they are legal under Federal jurisdiction does not imply safety. Do not be fooled, do not fall a victim of these products. Don’t let your kid be a victim of these products.

A safer alternative

To be honest, I think fireworks can be awesome when used right. So if you do want to enjoy some fireworks, I encourage you to find a professionally organized event where firework experts will work to put up an unforgettable show that does not expose your family to the first-hand risks of these fire / explosive devices.

Question time!

What is the coolest professional firework display you have seen? Leave your answer in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you guys.

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A pro firework show is amazing to look at. But these are often marketed to make people believe they are safe to be used at home. Did you know how ...

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